Montreal, June 19th 2023 — In order to allow Montreal residents to easily and economically participate in building decarbonization efforts, Architecture Without Borders Quebec (AWBQ) and BRIQUE RECYC are launching today a campaign called “Une brique, un geste, un impact !“, as well as the WEB-RECYC platform, which enables the recovery and reuse of bricks in various residential and industrial renovation projects in the city. This platform is a first in Quebec and is part of a circular economy approach in the construction industry!

This new platform fills a gap in the market by connecting offers and demands for used bricks. On one hand, it allows individuals to donate their bricks instead of throwing them away during demolitions. On the other hand, it facilitates the purchase of quality bricks at affordable prices.

An eco-friendly, economical, and solidarity-based option for masonry

Financially supported by the Government of Quebec through the Fonds d’initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole (FIRM), this circular economy initiative is made possible through an innovative process developed by BRIQUE RECYC. As a result, brick donors receive a turnkey service from the company. BRIQUE RECYC now makes it possible to recover used bricks using unique containers specifically designed for dismantling operations and transportation to a high-volume cleaning site for brick reuse. This is an environmentally advantageous alternative service, as the bricks are not sent to landfills, and it is economically beneficial for donors who receive a charitable tax receipt as an incentive.

A simple gesture for the environment

Considering that the construction, renovation, and demolition sector generates 41% of the residual waste in Quebec, WEB-RECYC will contribute to reducing the sector’s environmental footprint by avoiding the landfilling of thousands of bricks each year. Through the integrated impact calculator within the user experience, every donor and buyer can measure the environmental impact of their actions. WEB-RECYC is simple and effective for eco-friendly masonry and renovation, while also preserving the value, heritage, and authenticity of bricks.

How does the “Une brique, un geste, un impact!” campaign work:

The WEB-RECYC application connects individuals who want to get rid of their bricks after renovation work with those who need bricks for their own renovation projects. Property owners can offer brick donations on the platform even before starting their construction work. This brick donation campaign is economically advantageous, as owners who donate $500 or more to ASFQ will receive a charitable tax receipt, compensating them for part of the costs associated with brick dismantling, recovery, and transportation.


“The City of Montreal is delighted to support Architecture Without Borders and BRIQUE RECYC, whose partnership is a concrete example of the innovation that can result from strong collaboration. The WEB-RECYC application contributes to making Montreal a leader in the circular economy and ecological transition, as it will enable Montrealers to maximize brick reuse during renovation work. This is a significant step forward, and we are very proud to be the first city in Quebec and Canada to benefit from this service, which we hope will soon inspire other cities.”

– Marie-Andrée Mauger, responsible for ecological transition and the environment at the executive committee of the City of Montreal

“Thanks to the vision, creativity, and leadership of BRIQUE RECYC and Architecture Without Borders Quebec, Montreal residents will be able to access viable materials at lower costs while making an eco-friendly choice. Our visions are directly aligned, and our goals of reduction and innovation are the same. Ultimately, the new WEB-RECYC platform will help avoid landfilling and facilitate reuse, taking another step towards a real circular economy. It’s exceptional.”

– Emmanuelle Géhin, CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC

“WEB-RECYC represents a significant step forward in terms of material circularity. Thanks to the collection bins combined with BRIQUE RECYC’s technology, approximately 90% of the bricks can be reused instead of being sent to landfills if the bricks are in good condition. By expanding access to the program through WEB-RECYC, we are proud to contribute to reducing construction waste and preserving the built heritage.”

– Tommy Bouillon, President of BRIQUE RECYC

“AWBQ is proud to launch the ‘Une brique, un geste, un impact!‘ campaign along with the WEB-RECYC platform, which aims to become a true intermediary for used bricks. Such innovation would have been impossible without an innovative company like BRIQUE RECYC, with whom AWBQ combines the charitable component of its activities. Unprecedented in the construction industry, this partnership will help mitigate the ecological impact of demolition while contributing to financing ASFQ’s social mission. It is a perfect model of circular and solidarity economy!” Bruno Demers, General Director of Architecture Without Borders Quebec

Pour en savoir plus :

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About Architecture Without Borders Quebec

Architecture Without Borders Quebec (ASFQ) is an organization specialized in sustainable architecture and assistance to vulnerable communities. Created in 2008 by the Order of Architects of Quebec, it develops programs in climate resilience, indigenous housing, international cooperation, urban solidarity, and circular economy. The organization includes among its members the 4,500 architects of the province, for whom it carries social responsibility. To learn more about ASFQ: To learn more about its circular economy program, click here.

About Maçonnerie Gratton and BRIQUE RECYC

Maçonnerie Gratton is the largest employer in residential masonry restoration in Quebec. The company has been operating since 2007 on over 500 projects annually. In 2021, the organization launched its BRIQUE RECYC machine, which cleans bricks in less than 10 seconds, an innovation that allows the reuse of bricks on construction sites, thereby preventing them from being sent to landfills. Used throughout Quebec, BRIQUE RECYC’s technology avoids the emission of approximately 5.9 tons of carbon dioxide per 1,000 square feet (90m2) wall and significantly reduces construction waste.